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We love what we do and we love those who we are blessed to serve.  Dr. Brent Noorda is a St. George chiropractic physician specializing in the NUCCA technique.  NUCCA is a type of chiropractic WITHOUT twisting, popping or cracking, but the benefits can be felt from head to toe.  We are proud to bring St George a NUCCA chiropractor & Standard Process nutritional  counseling all in the same office.  All the gain, without the pain.

Dr. Noorda works with the top bone of the spine, called Atlas, to realign the body head-to-toe. Once the body is corrected, pressure is released from the spinal cord and the central nervous system. The body then begins the innate process of healing.

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Can NUCCA help you?

Common symptoms NUCCA chiropractic has helped with are:
Neck Pain
Low Back Pain
Knee Problems
Herniated Discs
Multiple Sclerosis
Numbness & Tingling
Trouble Sleeping
Restless Leg Syndrome

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